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We’ve always wanted a colorful & fun, but structured Tumblr. page to go along with our more minimal based main site here on AEMNYC. We’ve found it. Now head over there and follow us! While you’re at it, get into the rest of our social media. You’ll never miss a beat from the underground. AEMNYC on the […]

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From The Editor

Brooklyn Is More Than Just a Borough x aBKLYNstory

Every place in the world has a story. For New York City, the story usually begins & ends in  our neighboring borough of Manhattan. I mean, why wouldn’t it? Every tourist trap you run into on the streets of Manhattan will take up so much of your time that you won’t have time to venture […]

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Music, Video

New Video (S•S): Call Me a Cab – Codak [WATCH]

The second artist we’re showcasing on today’s Submission Sunday goes by the name of Codak, who has a smooth, cool, but crazy themed summer anthem titled Call Me a Cab. Codak is a hip hop artist hailing from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The young Brooklyn MC recently finished his latest video “Call me A Cab”, which is […]

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Instagram Responds to Policy Backlash

Instagram updated its privacy policy a couple of days ago and INSTANTLY got backlash, from users and the media alike. Why you ask? Instagram decided to broaden the language in the policy, making many things possible. The biggest of these issues being IG’s ability to sell pictures to third-party sites and companies without user consent. […]

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