90s Throwback: Ooh La La La – The Fugees

Okay, Okay… So I’m a Lauryn Hill junkie.

Nothing wrong w/ that…

Wanna fight about it?

You can’t beat me…

Lol anyway, this song, off the album The Score, is the SHIT. The album was hot, but this song is the shit. Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel had everyone walking around singing Ooh La La La, even if they didn’t know the rest of the words. And then c’mooooon… it’s Lauryn.

Here’s The Fugees w/ Ooh La La La…


I am a Citizen of Hip Hop. – Breuckelen
Music is my religion. – Jimi Hendrix

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Jaye Bryant

Jaye Bryant is a Gay Black American blogger with a generous love for music, culture, a decent pair of kicks & his hometown of Brooklyn, NY. He is the founder of AUDIOEMIT & editor of AEMNYC.com. We are the Voice of the Undr.Grnd. Join Our Community. #RESPECTTHECRAFT #AEMNYC

4 thoughts on “90s Throwback: Ooh La La La – The Fugees

  1. The Fugees were da bomb. Since you’re a Lauryn junkie I take it you’ll be honoring her birthday tomorrow. Keep up the good work

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