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The Undr.Grnd Manifesto

The Underground Community has undergone several changes since the phrase was coined in the 1960s & every musically inclined person/music culture has its own interpretation. Here on AEMNYC, our interpretation is simple. It’s a collective of the talent, thoughts & words of creators (and the people who help build their foundations) associated with what we’ve dubbed, the Undr.Grnd.
We will feature the unknown talent with a message & something positive to say. We will feature the unknown talent that represents their craft without leaving something to be desired. We are declaring war on the unknowns without a passion for their craft, who just get on the bandwagon thinking the craft they choose is a quick buck. We will feature those who put the work, the hours, the physical, the mental & the spiritual into their craft. We will feature those who need, want & have a voice, but no outlet to showcase it.
We respect the craft. We respect the time and effort put into your craft. We respect the thought process. We respect your craft down to the pen and paper used to put your craft in motion. We want nothing less than to show the world how talented you are. The Undr.Grnd is built on that principle and this is what we declare. This is The Undr.Grnd Manifesto.

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Tell Your Story 

As a growing community, we’d like to know about the people involved. The Tell Your Story series was started to give our features (artists, poets, designers, entrepreneurs, etc.) another voice to go along with their craft. It includes an in-depth interview and a full media page showcasing what they have to offer. Features also have the option of writing their own story, instead of an interview, to be featured in Tell Your Story.

Latest Tell Your Story Features


The Mic

For those of you in the community that need a quicker way to get the word out, we have The MIC. This is where we feature our music (R&B/Soul, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Hip Hop, Pop, Electronic, Dance) & artist submissions [singles, videos, spoken word, albums, etc.].



Guest Posts

We’ve recently featured our first guest post, The Top 5 Best Hip Hop Cities In The World, written by BluRum13, featured in Tell Your Story (Oct. 2013). It’s becoming very popular & we want to expand on that. We’re now accepting guests posts on AEMNYC. Guest posts must fit AEMNYC’s culture of music & men’s fashion.


Other Submissions


Press Releases

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