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    Letra MindPour | AMOTBEATS

    What’s goodie World? Ezra here with the second installment of the Letra MindPour interview series. For this interview, I had the privilege of asking some deep questions to a talented producer out of Kingman, AZ. Here is AMOTBEATS 1. [Read More]
  • Kage Eheh

    Coffee x Kage Eheh [WATCH]

    Gaithersburg, Maryland rapper/producer Kage Eheh presents the Kevin Little-directed video for “Coffee”, the single from Resuscitation, his new self-produced album. Kage’s previous releases include 2011’s Just A Sample, and [Read More]
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    Da Call Out x Heresy [WATCH]

    J Rawls’ Polar Entertainment imprint presents “Da Call Out”, the new single from Heresy, an all-female group consisting of two-time Grammy nominee Monie Love, North Carolina rapper Carolina Dirty, Columbus OH’s Dominique [Read More]
  • Haze

    Smooth Ascension x Haze [LISTEN]

    Arizona emcee and saxophonist Haze presents his debut EP Smooth Ascension. Playing saxophone by age six and performing live at Phoenix venues by age eight, Haze resolved to take his music seriously after his mother committed suicide when he was 17, [Read More]
  • Illmaculate

    Shine x Illmaculate [WATCH]

    Portland, Oregon emcee Illmaculate presents the music video of his performance of “Shine”, live at the Kinda Neat studios, where he was interviewed by Intuition. “Shine” appears on Only & Ill, Illmaculate’s [Read More]
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  • Dude With No Name
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Suspect x Cab Cabernet [WATCH]

Harlem-based rapper/producer/director and Krushed Grapes Lifestyle owner Cab Cabernet presents the music video for “Suspect”, the new single from Krushed Grapes: [Read More]

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